Curly Conversations

Please join us in congratulating Cheli Hoffman on her promotion to Director of Operations for Region One!  Cheli began with BRG in 2016 and was promoted to DM in 2018. She stated, “I began my career with BRG after several years in full service. It was a leap of faith into unknown territory in the hopes of having a better quality of life balance. My only regret is that I did not take the chance sooner.”

At BRG, we pride ourselves on our commitment to the growth and development of our people. Our strength and greatest asset has always been our people and our commitment to developing high-performing teams. This allows us to continue our expansion efforts across North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee while maintaining superior operations.

Cheli has been a great addition to our operations team and we are excited to see the wonderful things she will continue to bring to the table in the future!